About Us

Walking together with Christ

Our invitation at Corboy Presbyterian Church is that you would join us in knowing and making known the Real Jesus, for Real People, in and for the Real World.

We're a church made up of all-sorts of real people who believe that Christ is the Son of God, Lord and Saviour. He died on the cross and rose again to redeem us from our sin and give us life.

As a Christian Church the Bible is very important to us, revealing to us all we need to know about God and everything God wants us to know about ourselves. Wisdom indeed!

With this solid foundation we can be sure of knowing God, believing His Gospel (Good News), trusting His Son for salvation and living in the power of His Spirit. That's really us in a nutshell! It's not meant to be complicated!

The best thing to do is come along some Sunday and 'see' for yourself. We'd be delighted to welcome you! We gather for worship together every Sunday at 10am. 

We're a local congregation, part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Our sister church is Mullingar Presbyterian.

Our History





The congregation seems to have been organised soon after the middle of the 17th century. In 1675 the Rev. Jacque had charge of the congregation.

The current church building is a barn type meeting house, which was typical of the dissenter tradition within the reformed churches. It was built in 1729 by the Rev. James Bond on the site of the first church. 

By the middle of the 18th century, Corboy was a flourishing congregation. However, the restrictions suffered by Presbyterians under the penal laws combined with emigration and famine saw Corboy reduced to 36 families in 1847

Over the years, Corboy has been united with a number of other congregations in the locality. Since 2002 it has been twinned with Mullingar.

The congregation has been known to be very loyal and faithful during long periods of vacancy and has been rewarded, as in recent times, with a number of new families who have made Corboy their church home.

Our Pastor

Daniel Reyes Martin